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Welcome to the GerryHendrickx.com blog! On this site you will find articles on a diverse number of subjects. I have only recently founded the blog, but aim at adding at least one article per week. The main focus will be the Microsoft development stack, since I am using it in my daily work, but I hope to touch a more diverse set of topics.

Topics that’ll be addressed here are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM
  • ASP.NET Development
  • PowerBI
  • Azure
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Marketing Automation
  • Spark
  • And many more..

Feel free to comment if you read anything useful or link to the blog!


I am Gerry Hendrickx, a belgian in his late twenties with a drive to learn.

My educational background is in IT and Computer Science. I have a masters degree in engineering in the field of computer science, achieved at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and a postgraduate degree in IT Strategy and Organisation, achieved at the EHSAL Management School of Brussel, Belgium.

I’m currently employed at Business and Decision Belgium, a system integrator and consultancy company. At B&D, I first came in contact with everything the Microsoft stack has to offer. Starting of with some small MVC projects 5 years ago, I was quickly growing in my role as developer for a big ASP.NET project. Nowadays, I’m technical lead at that project part-time. Next to that, I’m dipping my toes in Microsoft CRM Dynamics.

I wholeheartedly believe that a lifelong learning mindset is needed in the everchanging and evolving IT landscape. As a consultant, it is our job to keep up with the pace of change and stay current. I sincerely hope that this blog will help me in achieving this.

Welcome to my blog,

Gerry Hendrickx

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